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Select Your session type

Schedule a session at our Bethlehem, Pennsylvania studio using the Session Selection tool below.

Premier SESSION $70

   Premier w/ Parents add-on $90

   Premier w/ Same Day Proofing add-on $90   

   Premier w/ Enhanced Cap & Gown add-on $90

Classic SESSION $55 

    Classic w/ Parents add-on $75

    Classic w/ Same Day Proofing add-on $75

    Classic w/ Enhanced Cap & Gown add-on $75

standard Session $50

    Standard w/ parents add-on $70

    Standard w/ Same Day Proofing add-on $70

    Standard w/ Enhanced Cap & Gown add-on $70

graduate SESSION $40

    Graduate w/ parents add-on $60

    Graduate w/ Same Day Proofing add-on $60

    Graduate w/ Enhanced Cap & Gown add-on $60

simple SESSION $0*

    Session Add-ons not available

* Sessions may be subject to a separate yearbook fee at select campuses, due at the time of your visit. 

If you are a Senior and prefer to be photographed at your school, please visit our schools page to see if this option is available at your campus. 

What is a Session? 

A portrait Session is time reserved with one of our photographers at our studio or specific location where we create portraits of the student. Images are taken on a digital camera. Sessions do not include printed portraits and portrait orders are not placed at the time of the session. 

What is an Add-on?

A portrait session Add-On is an additional service we offer that you can combine with one of our portrait sessions. Our Parent and Enhanced Cap & Gown add-ons provide extra studio time for additional images not available with our regular sessions. Our Same Day Proofing add-on provides our quickest proofing service

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