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SENIOR Portrait FAQ's


What do my session fees cover?

Your session fee covers your time with our photography staff the day you are photographed. Please note, the session you select and purchase does not include prints or portrait packages - those are purchased separately after you are photographed and have time to review your images. Some paid sessions include a credit that can be applied toward a portrait order. 

What is a yearbook image?

This is the image that will be included in your high school yearbook senior section, and is most often a portrait in formal attire. Please refer to your proofing booklet or the letter that was mailed to you in June for your school's dress requirement. We provide this image to your school once you have selected your favorite image

What should be worn in preparation for the yearbook picture?

Girls should bring a camisole, tank top or strapless shirt for the classic black drape outfit if that is your required outfit for the yearbook. If you are allowed to wear an outfit of your choice, then please bring that along with you to your session - you will change into while you are here. 


Boys should bring a white t-shirt, plain if possible, to wear under their formal attire. Boys can wear their own shirt, tie and suit jacket if that is the school's requirement. We can provide this formal attire if needed. If the tux is required at your school, we provide this for you. 

What sizes do you have in the drape, suit jacket, and button up shirt?

The jackets sizes we have are : 38R - 60R. The shirt sizes we have are: S - XXL Drape sizes are: S - L

What if I miss my yearbook deadline?

If you miss your deadline for the yearbook submission, Christmas City Studio will choose an image

for you as long as you were photographed by us. Any late submissions or changes need to be

approved by the yearbook advisor at the school.

What is considered a casual outfit?

Any image that is not your yearbook or cap and gown. For example: sports uniforms, dresses, polos, t-shirts, jeans etc. 

What type of portrait retouching do you offer?

For our Senior Portrait orders the Gold Level of retouching is included with your purchase. This

includes; softening of eye and smile lines, softening the shine on the face, Removal of, blemishes,

flyway hairs, and Corrects glass glare.

We also offer major hair correction retouching at an additional charge.

We offer advanced retouching including braces removal, tan line blending, clothing corrections, eye whitening, and teeth whitening.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes, we would love that! When scheduling your appointment please make note that you are bringing a pet and what kind of pet. 

What if it rains/snows the day of my premier session?

You have three options.

1. Keep your appointment and do the indoor portion of your session. We will reschedule the outdoor portion of your session for another day at no additional charge (recommended). 

2. Reschedule the entire session for a new date.

3. Request to keep the session to do a rain or snow shoot! (pending photographer approval)

Is the outside portion of my Premier at the studio or on-location?

The outdoor portion of your session will be at our studio in Bethlehem.

What forms of Payment do you accept?

  1. Cash

  2. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)

  3. Check     

Please note returned checks are processed by a third party company, Bounceback, and may be assessed fees up to the maximum allowable by state law. Please call with any questions.1-800-460-0124.

How can I order?

You can order Packages, Prints and photo products:

  1. in person at the studio (appointment required)

  2. order over the phone (appointment required)

  3. order online (e-mail address required)

Can I still purchase 4x5 proof prints?

Yes. If you would like to purchase 4x5 originals of each image photographed, you may purchase them along with your portrait package. Proofs are not retouched, cropped, or color corrected, and they are not sold as a stand-alone item without a portrait package. 

Classic, Premier, and Ultimate sessions require an order $175 or more to qualify to purchase a set of 4x5 proofs.

Is there a deadline to place my portrait order?

After graduation, your images are archived and post-graduation orders are assessed a $25 archive fee. Waiting until after graduation to order will cost you and extra $60! Your portrait credit expires 1 year from the date of your sitting.



How long will it take to receive my portrait order?

Orders take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery. Each order is processed by a talented individual in our digital lab and reviewed by our lab along the way. Turnaround time may vary seasonally up or down by 1 week. 

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How can I place my school picture order?

We have 4 ways you can order from your school picture day!

  1. Online, before picture day. This is our pre-pay program which allows you to order online 1-2 weeks ahead of picture day. Simply follow the instructions on the order form given to your child at school to pre-pay online or click Order Now. 

  2. By Order Form, before picture day. The classic version of our pre-pay program allows you to complete a hard copy order form. You'll receive this form from school 1-2 weeks ahead of picture day (date is printed on the form). Turn in this form with your child on picture day. If you prepay online, please do not turn in a hard copy form.

  3. Online, after picture day. As long as your child is photographed, they will receive a proof card from us with a unique login that will allow you to view or purchase the image online after picture day. Typically, these proofs are distributed 4 weeks after picture day. Pricing may vary from your original picture day order form. 

  4. By Order Form, after picture day. You may mail or drop off a hard copy order form to our studio after picture day at your school. However, if you turn in an order form after picture day, your order must be handled individually by our staff, and therefore we add a $7 late order fee to cover separate handling. 

What does my child need to bring on Picture day?

If you pre-ordered online, please print out the receipt and send it with your child to school on pictures day so that our team knows what background selection to use for your child's portrait. You do not need to complete a written order form if you have pre-ordered online. 

If you are pre-ordering by paper form, please send that paper form with payment enclosed with your child to school on picture day with your background selection indicated on the form. 

What are your prices?

Portrait Pricing may be unique to each campus, and can be found either on your order form or on your online price list when you login. Please note, all preorder (prepay) pricing includes state sales tax. 

Why is my pricing different than at another campus?

Portrait Pricing can vary from campus to campus for a variety of reasons.

  • Package contents may vary in volume or in type of product

  • Some campuses, often Elementary Schools, may include a classroom composite for each student who orders that isn't listed in the contents of your portrait package

  • Similarly, some campuses, often Middle Schools, may include a group or grade-wide enlargement for each student who orders that isn't listed in the contents of your package. 

When will I receive my school picture package?

Typically, school pictures are delivered to the school 3-4 weeks after picture day. From there, they are distributed to students by school staff. 

When will I receive my class composite?

Class composites are delivered separately from school picture packages, typically in January - April, depending on the school. We must wait to put them together until after your school's retake day so that we are sure to include all students and to include their best image. Additionally, school staff also proof the composites for correct names, nicknames, spelling, classroom assignments and so forth to ensure accuracy for you. This process accounts for the winter delivery. 

Do you offer retakes if I don't like my child's school picture?

Yes. We offer retakes at your school, typically 4-5 weeks after original day. Our staff understands that your child may be there because of a bad photo, so they are extra attentive on retake day to create a great portrait. We recommend you do the following if your child plans to attend the retake portrait shoot:

  • bring in the original picture day package to school that day. this will be your child's "ticket" to retake day. 

  • feel free to include a note or explanation of any dissatisfaction you have with the original picture so that our staff can address your individual needs. 

What happens if my child missed school picture day?

Not to worry. If we offer a retake day at virtually every school with which we work which also serves as a make-up day. Typically, the retake day is 4-5 weeks after original picture day to allow families to view their original portraits. You do not need to schedule your retakes, your child simply needs to show up to school that day and indicate to their teacher they want to go down to retake day. If you intend to order portraits from retake day, please be sure to send along your order with your child that day. 

What happens if I missed both the original day and retake day?

Don't panic, we can help you. Whether you missed both picture days at your school or simply didn't like a portrait taken on retake day, we can setup a free, 1-on-1 portrait shoot at our studio to get the right portrait for you. Here are some helpful tips about scheduling a studio retake of your school picture:

  • bring your original picture package or your order form to the studio with you that day. 

  • wait until after retake day to schedule your studio session 

  • you can schedule this session online here and selecting Pre-k to 11 (studio make-up). 

  • expect to spend about 10-15 minutes of photography time to take this portrait and select the best one. 

What happens if I have something wrong with my package?

We are so sorry if this has happened to you, but occasionally mistakes happen and we are ready to fix them for you. The best method is to fill out an inquiry form on the contact us page of this website. This will help us collect all of the necessary info we need to correct your order. If you are missing an item or simply if you are not satisfied with the quality of the portrait, we're ready to make it right. 

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